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Common Laundry Mistakes

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Laundry can sometimes feel like a never ending task, but cutting corners to shave time could be very costly. Here are some of the most common laundry mistakes people make while doing their laundry.

Not Sorting Your Laundry

You should always separate your whites and light colored clothing from your darks and reds to prevent colors from bleeding into each other. Don't make the mistake of leaving a red item in with your light laundry. You will be the proud owners of all pink laundry.

Check Your Pockets

Make sure you check every pocket before putting your clothes into the washer. A stray coin, tissue, crayon, or lipstick could not only ruin all your clothes in that load, but it could even ruin your machine. That could be a very expensive step to skip. 

Close All Zippers

Always make sure you zip up all the zippers on your clothes. This way, you'll avoid having them snag other items in the load.

Drying Items With Elastic

Swimsuits and woman's undergarments should never be put in the dryer. The high heat and constant spinning will ruin the elastic by causing it to stretch. You should always hang these items to dry.

Don't Leave Your Shirts Buttoned

When washing button up shirts, be sure that they are all unbuttoned. During the spin cycle, your shirts can be pulled causing the threads on the buttons to loosen. 

Overstuffing Your Washer And Dryer

By overstuffing your washer and dryer, you aren't giving the clothes enough room to move around. This won't allow the detergent room to dissolve or dirt to be removed from your clothes. Overcrowding in a dryer will make it twice as long to dry your laundry and may cause mildew to end up on your laundry

Using Too Much Detergent

Some people might think they need more detergent because they laundry is extra dirty. While in fact you can do more harm by using too much detergent. It can leave a residue on your clothes or even damage your washer. 

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