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Laundry Smart offers pickup and delivery laundry service in Fair Lawn and its surrounding areas, including wash & fold laundry as well as commercial laundry services. 

Rated as one of the Top 10 Places to Live in New Jersey, the Fair Lawn town motto is:  A great place to visit and a better place to live! Whether you live in Fair Lawn or are just visiting why waste time doing laundry when you can trust the Laundry Smart team to do it for you!

The town was Incorporated as a borough in 1924 as Fairlawn but in 1933 the town name was officially split in to two words as it is known today.

Fair Lawn has thirteen distinct neighborhoods and the Radburn section of Fair Lawn was one of the first planned communities in the United States as an unincorporated community in 1929 as a “town for the motor age”

The others are Berdan Grove, the Broadway District, Central Fair Lawn, Dunkerhook, The Heights, Hendersonville, Lyncrest, McBride Industrial District, Memorial Park, Radrock Estates, The River Road Improvement District and Warren Point.

Like much of New Jersey, Fair Lawn is home to many historic sites and the following eight are listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

  • Peter Garretson House, 4-02 River Road (1974)

  • Irregular pattern between Radburn Road and the Erie Railroad tracks in Radburn (1975)

  • V.H. Berdan House, 1219 River Road (1983)

  • Richard J. Berdan House, 2407 Fair Lawn Avenue

  • Cadmus-Folly House, 19-21 Fair Lawn Avenue

  • Naugle House, 42-49 Dunkerhook Road - Built in the 1750s, the house was acquired by the borough

  • Jacob Vanderbeck Jr. House, 41-25 Dunkerhook Road - Constructed in 1754, the house was named by Preservation New Jersey as one of New Jersey's 10 most endangered historic places

  • Radburn station, Pollitt Drive (1984)

 If history is not your thing there are many outdoor parks to enjoy when you are in Fair Lawn and below are a few.

Parks in Fair Lawn

  • Saddle River Park – Dunkerhook Area is a 577 acre linear park that runs along the Saddle River through the towns of Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Paramus, Ridgewood, Rochelle Park and Saddle Brook. At Dunkerhook there is a scenic waterfall, three ponds, shaded picnic areas, tennis courts, athletic fields, playgrounds and walking paths.

  • Memorial Park- located on 1st Street, which has an inline skating rink, playing fields, basketball courts, and a beach park.

  • Berdan Grove Park- located on Berdan Avenue, home of the John Alaimo Field for baseball, basketball courts, walking paths, and a playground.

  • Gregory Park- located on 28th Street, which has a basketball court, playground, baseball field, and a walking path.

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